These are a few of my favourite things….

Sometimes when my mood is low I need to count my blessings very carefully.


  • Simple things such as having food and shelter we take for granted in this country. Rather than depressing me, as some may think, I will sometimes watch the news to remind myself that other peoples lives are often much much worse than mine.


  • I have a diary and always manage to have something in it for the future. Maybe its simply a coffee with a friend next week. Or planning a day out next month to the countryside or art gallery.  We all need something to look forward to. Currently I’m trying to find things to put in for January and February. They can often be the worst months as Xmas has drained us financially and emotionally. Just a visit to the cinema or walk around the park with a friend or family member can lift the spirit.


  • If you have a mobile phone or an address book just go through it and remind yourself of the people in your life. At each name try and remember a good memory you have with that person. Sometimes this will jog your memory to contact someone you’ve not seen in a while. Make the call. Life can be busy and people may not have been in touch for many valid reasons. Just a quick chat can help you feel better. And they will often be grateful you have phoned them.


  • Dig out the old photos. Remind yourself of the daft clothes you once wore and the fun times you had in the past. Sometimes memories can be painful so sort out all your favourite happy snaps and put them in an album to look at again in the future.


  • Keep mementoes of all your trips out. Cinema tickets, leaflets of places visited and even places you want to visit can be great reminders of good times and help in planning trips out.


  • Treating yourself to something is lovely. But often we don’t have much money to do this. Places like Poundland and Primark are great for this. With just a fiver you can end up with a bag of goodies that can really cheer you up. I love the feel of new socks so I sometimes buy a pack of 6 from Primark and treat myself to a new pair every day for almost a week! Or in Poundland buy yourself some bubble bath and enjoy a few lovely scented candles. Treats don’t need to be expensive. Its the small things that often can make you smile the most.


What helps you feel good?

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