“My Ideal Community Psychiatric Nurse” A Personal View.

My Ideal CPN.  A Personal View.

My ideal CPN would take the time to get to know me, my illness history and my interests.

My ideal CPN would be reliable and would turn up on time.  She would not cancel a visit at the last minute as this can cause a lot of anxiety.

My ideal CPN would return my call within a few hours of calling them to see how I was and definitely the same day. Not the next day.  That’s just not good enough.  If they can’t call then another CPN should call me.  I could be having a breakdown.

My ideal CPN would ensure that my care plan is up to date and go through it with me so that I understand everything on it.

My ideal CPN would help me with my WRAP and encourage me to use it.

My ideal CPN would help me plan the weeks between visits so that I can get the best use out of my time.

My ideal CPN would use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  My existing CPN has used this with me.  If I described an issue that was causing me distress, my CPN would think of several different alternatives for it and get me to identify the one that I thought it was.  She helped me come to a better conclusion.  This has helped me with the anxiety and paranoia that I have suffered with.

My ideal CPN would help me with my application for Disability Living Allowance and other benefits.

My ideal CPN would listen to my goals for the future and encourage me to take steps towards achieving them.

My ideal CPN would listen more and talk less.

My ideal CPN would help me back into the community by giving me details of activities and courses that I could attend.  My existing CPN has given me details of Wirral Mind courses that I can apply for.

My ideal CPN would help me back into the community by supporting me with activities I am having difficulty with.  My existing CPN has taken me to Wirral Mind and introduced me to the staff and this helped me to attend a course at Wirral Mind.

My ideal CPN would give me detailed information about the medication that I am taking, so I know exactly what the side effects and risks are.

My ideal CPN would sit in with me at psychiatrist appointments.

My ideal CPN would put me in touch with other people in the same position as me through support groups e.g. Wirral Mind groups, Pathfinders.


February 2012

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