Rufus May – Psychologist And Recovered Schizophrenic.

Rufus May – Psychologist And Recovered Schizophrenic.

At the age of 18, Rufus May received a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Despite being drugged and hospitalized, he managed to find ways of controlling his moods using exercise, drama and dance. His is now a respected psychologist and mental health campaigner who promotes alternative explanations and treatments.

Preferring to see voice hearing as a relatively normal human experience, and referring to ‘delusions’ as alternative realities, his website is full of interesting insights, as well as lots of resources and information on conferences and courses. Visit his site here -

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About the Author

Claude Cookie has a personal interest in mental health issues, having experienced a considerable amount of psychological distress himself over a sustained period. He has collected several diagnoses during this period of involvement with psychiatric services, none of which he feels adequately describes his experience. His interests include music (which he both listens to and performs), reading, writing, walking, politics and spirituality. He currently volunteers on several mental health projects and would encourage other service users to get involved with the services that they use, and help direct the way in which these services develop in the future.