Study Finds Culture Vultures Are Happier!

Researchers at a Norwegian university have found that people who engage in cultural activities are more satisfied with their lives as well as being less anxious and depressed.

Researches from the University of Science and Technology in Norway’s Nord-Trondelag County discovered that there was a correlation between activities related to culture –  such as visiting museums, going to concerts or playing a musical instrument – and happiness. The link remains strong regardless of wealth, socio-economic status or education.

It seems that, when it comes to cultural activities, men prefer more passive pastimes such as attending a concert or museum exhibition. Women tend to benefit from more active involvement such as playing a musical instrument or creating art. The study states  – ‘It seems that cultural participation was independently associated with good health, a low depression score and satisfaction with life dependent on gender.’

Given that there are many free cultural activities, the potential for ‘cultural therapies’ is huge, particularly given that the main thrust of much government policy is about delivering effective treatments for as little outlay as possible. Stroll round the Tate, anyone?

This story originally appeared in The I. To view the original article, click the following link –

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