A Day in the Life Using my Wellness Recovery Action Plan. A Service Receiver’s Account.

A Day in the Life

Using my Wellness Recovery Action Plan

The aim of this article is to demonstrate how I use my WRAP

when I am feeling mild to moderately depressed to keep myself well.

What I am like when I am well

When I am well I am sociable, creative and affectionate.

Things I do every day to keep myself well

I wake up early feeling unrefreshed and low.  Painful negative thoughts are running through my head.  I feel so bad, my first reaction is to stay in bed and lie there for another hour.  But I know that I always feel better once I am up so after listening to the radio for 15 minutes, I get out of bed and head to the bathroom for a shower.

I shower, clean my teeth and get dressed and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.  Breakfast is the next small treat of the day – porridge with fruit because this keeps me full most of the morning.  I follow breakfast with a therapeutic cup of tea.

Things I might do every day to keep myself well

Every week on a Monday morning, I do some voluntary work sorting and pricing clothes and working on the till at the local charity shop.  I find this helpful because it gives me something positive to do and I enjoy the gossip with the other volunteers and the interaction with the customers.  I often come home with a bargain, as a perk of the job is to get first choice of purchasing any items before they are put on sale to the general public.

Things that make me happy

I am free in the afternoon, so I decide to phone a friend and invite her for coffee.  We arrange to meet in a coffee shop in West Kirby to exchange news and catch up.  My friend is aware of my depression having experienced it herself and I find the meeting is mutually supportive.

It is a lovely sunny day, so we decide to walk round the marina at West Kirby.  While we are walking I practice a mindfulness exercise of noticing what is going on around me with all my senses.  I feel my feet walking solidly on the ground and the wind blowing on my face.  I listen to the sound of the seagulls and the waves lapping against the marina.  I admire the mountains of Wales across the sea in the distance and watch the windsurfers and sailing boats on the lake.  I smell the fresh sea air and taste the sea salt in my mouth.   This exercise helps me to forget my troubles and brings me into the present moment.

Things to try and Action Planning

When I get home I make some plans for the future to have something to look forward to.  I would really like to try creative writing, so I have a look on the web at local course providers and identify a free course in Rock Ferry at Wirral Borough Council Adult Learning.  I phone up to see if places are available and book myself on the course.

My supporters

My supporters are my family, a couple of close friends and my care co-ordinator.  I phone my family and friends regularly to stay in touch.  Talking to them helps me keep my mind off my own troubles.

Box of delights

In the evening I snuggle up on the sofa to watch my favourite film.   I’m a romantic at heart and it could be any one of Serendipity, The Lake House or Just Like Heaven.

Just before going to bed I have a hot relaxing bath with some lavender bubble bath.


My triggers include spending too much time alone and not getting enough sleep, so I make sure I get out of the house during the day and go to bed at a reasonable time.

Early warning signs

Today the early warning signs of returning depression I have experienced are waking early and feeling low when I woke up first thing in the morning.   This low feeling persisted during the day, but I managed to reduce its effects by keeping busy using activities from my WRAP.


February 2012

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