Big up to The Only Way is Essex! Kirk Norcross speaks openly in reality show about anxiety and panic attacks. Also Charlie King and now Mario Falcone.

TOWIE Tackles Mental Health Difficulties.

Lad about town Kirk Norcross has been recently speaking out and seeking treatment for severe anxiety and panic attacks. Not from medication but from therapy.

This reality show, The Only Way is Essex, is followed by millions of young people and the bravery of Kirk to openly discuss his symptoms and fears is a real boost for challenging stigma and stereotypes of those with mental health difficulties.

Then this week he was joined by his friend Charlie King and the pair had a very honest and open discussion of their similar experiences.

This is excellent news for raising awareness of  mental health issues and can only be a great help and comfort for other young people suffering in silence. If one person seeks help after watching that programme then their bravery will have been a great step forward in the fight against discrimination and shame in admitting mental health problems.

Well done TOWIE!

If you are feeling anxious and having panic attacks do go and see your GP as soon as possible.  They are able to refer you to counsellors/therapists and  talking therapies.

Have a look round this site for lots of information and places to go. CBT and mindfulness can be especially helpful. Also support groups where you can just speak to others and realise you are certainly not alone.

STOP PRESS Now Mario Falcone had spoken about his struggle with depression here:

Kirk Norcross

Charlie King

Mario Falcone


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