Great talk by Professor John Read on Childhood Adversity and Psychosis. From Heresy to Certainty.

Professor John Read at Cork at the Meanings of Madness Conference outlining the massive and growing body of large scale and long term research evidence showing how we go mad in response to pressures brought by the lives we live. He said:

“We have to confront on a daily basis a lot of nonsense:

a) that “schizophrenia” even exists , which it doesn’t.

b) that it’s a brain disease, which it isn’t. “

c) it has a genetic predisposition, which it hasn’t.

d) that everyone who gets these diagnoses which are unscientific and stigmatizing, needs to be on medications for life, which they don’t.”

“We can’t really answer all the questions with science, even though as a Professor I have to stand here and pretend we can.”


Check out a great website here:

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