Wonderful quote from Laura Delano. Hope for sanctuary and support rather than containment and drugging.

“In our future, a beautiful world waits for us patiently. In it, a person in the throes of emotional chaos is met with unconditional support, listened to with patient ears, seen as the sole expert of her own life. She is given sanctuary, and open arms, but only if she wants them.

Her suffering is treated with dignity, instead of with the dehumanizing slap of a psychiatric diagnosis, and when she considers death over life, no one panics, or picks up the phone, or turns to locks, needles, or the click of pills in a plastic cup. Sirens and straps and stretchers are ghosts of the past in this world.

In this world, emotional pain is listened to. Seen as a response to life on life’s terms: to trauma and marginalization and every form of oppression. In this world, there is no need for bars, or reinforced glass, or containment areas, for locked doors and plastic gloves and ID bands and the idea of “us” and “them”. Long forgotten is the fear of self, of other, of emotion, of never being successful enough, or happy enough, or just enough. In this world, the only thing deemed insane is the notion that with enough schooling, training, and professional skill, one can become an “expert” on another’s emotional and existential experience of the world.

Indeed, this belief will disappear into the dark, dusty corners of human history in the world I dream of, and out in the light, glistening with simplicity, will be the principle that emotional pain is to be met with unconditional support, patience, humanity, and love; never to be numbed, chemically or physically restrained, silenced, or eradicated; and always to be listened to.”

Laura Delano

Journeying back to self.

Laura Delano entered the “mental health” system at the age of fourteen, when she was diagnosed with “Bipolar disorder” and “major depression”.  She was first put on psychiatric drugs at that time, but didn’t fully embrace her Bipolar diagnosis and its required psychiatric “treatment” until the age of eighteen.  Laura spent the next nearly ten years on over nineteen psychotropic drugs, in and out of psychiatric hospitals, outpatient programs, and intensive psychotherapy, and came to believe she had a life-long biochemical disease requiring life-long psychotropic drug use.  Since September 2010, she has been free from psychiatry— from psychiatric labels, psychiatric drugs, and psychiatric “treatment”.

Today, she writes and speaks about her experiences and about human rights violations at the root of the “mental health” system, and she works as a coach with people freeing themselves from psychiatry.  She has also written a blog for the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, and can be reached by email at ldelano@madinamerica.com, or on Twitter @LauraDelano.

In Journeying Back To Self, Laura has written the story of what happened in her life after being labeled “Bipolar” at fourteen up until the point at which she accidentally discovered Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic thirteen years later, in May 2010.

The story of how she left the “mental health” system is being saved for a larger writing project, and in the meantime, Laura now writes more generally about her experiences as an ex-patient.  New readers to her blog might want to start here: story from its beginning.

Read more from Laura Delano here: http://www.madinamerica.com/author/ldelano/

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