For EVERYONE involved in mental health. A testimony that will change your opinion of ‘schizophrenia’ and all ‘mental illness’ forever!

 Eleanor Longden

‘Learning from the voices in my head’

Living proof that schizophernia is not a biological inevitability but a result of early trauma.

At 17, Eleanor Longden had a promising future ahead of her; then she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After a lifelong battle with the voices in her head, today she has a Masters in psychology and a second chance.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Eleanor Longden myself professionally and we have become friends since. She is a smart, confident woman with a zest for life.  Like myself Eleanor was given a diagnosis (mine of bipolar) that stuck for many, many years. Instead of treating the cause, Eleanor and myself have been treated and medicated for the ‘symptoms’ with anti-psychotic drugs and many hospital incarcerations.

Nobody was ever looking for the reason why we were having difficulties but just treating the biologically inevitable ‘illness’ and chronicity of these diagnoses. Eleanor speaks of the deep despair and hopelessness this leaves you with. And the stigma and discrimination that wrecks all self esteem.

Most importantly Eleanor so eloquently states:

An important question in psychiatry shouldnt be ‘What’s wrong with you?’ but rather ‘What’s happened to you?’ “

Please watch this video and realise “mental illness” is not a medical condition but simply a normal reaction to trauma. I feel all ‘diagnoses’ (if they have to be given a name) should simply be post-traumatic stress.

Not a disorder but a normal reaction to an abnormal set of life events.

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