Professor John Read comments on New Zealand court appeal upholding causal link between sexual abuse and ‘schizophrenia’. Landmark case for psychiatry worldwide.

A rather wonderful thing has just happened in NZ……

A District Court judge has upheld an appeal by a sexual abuse survivor against a decision (in relation to a claim for financial compensation) that sexual abuse can not cause ‘schizophrenia’.

The opinion of two psychiatrists that there is no evidence of a causal link was overturned when a third psychiatrist (David Codyre – a good friend and colleague) presented what the research actually says (including some papers with Professor Richard Bentall). The psychiatrists maintained their denial even after being presented with David’s summary of the research!

But the judge overturned the decision, citing some of our research and a previous UK judge’s similar decision.

This is a major breakthrough which we should publicise far and wide. Please send it on to all your contacts and to any journalists you know.

See link below for full decision – it is a very interesting read

Professor John Read – University of Liverpool

John’s  main areas of expertise are: social causes of psychosis, prejudice against people labelled ‘mentally ill’’, psycho-social services for psychosis, primary prevention, and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in research and services. 

A second edition of his edited 2004 book was published in May 2013:  Read J, Dillon J (eds)(2013) MODELS OF MADNESS: PSYCHOLOGICAL, SOCIAL AND BIOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO PSYCHOSIS.    

 His other books include: 


Read J, Sanders P. (2010) A STRAIGHT TALKING INTRODUCTION TO THE CAUSES OF MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS.                                    

John is also the editor of the ISPS ( journal Psychosis

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