Wirral OCD Group – Everyone welcome from all areas of Wirral. Hope Place Coffee Shop every second Friday of month 7pm – 9pm.


Wirral OCD Group was set up over 15 years ago.  It is now based in Hope Place Coffee Shop on the second Friday of each month 7pm to 9pm and is open to people from Wirral and the wider area.

The purpose of the group is to support the sufferers, families and friends of people with OCD all of whom are welcome to the meetings.  This is due to everyone being affected.  Everyone affected has to arm themselves with the knowledge and tools to overcome what can be very debilitating.

Fighting OCD is a war with many battles and the support group along with your GP, psychiatrist or medication is another valuable chink in the armour.  Meeting other people with OCD can be of great benefit as they truly understand what you are experiencing.  They can help you and vice-versa.

The meetings are relaxed we have tea and coffee, there are no rules as such.  You can come along and say as little or as much as you like.  We meet every second Friday of the month.  Please contact Lynne or Duncan if you require any further information.

Contact numbers for group:

Lynne Houghton   lynnehoughton@yahoo.co.uk    07827411604

Duncan Parkes    parkesduncan@hotmail.com     07821610441


Hope Place

259 Woodchurch Road



CH42 9LE

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