The truth about ‘schizophrenia’ and psychosis. Please read for the real causes of psychosis and voice hearing.


I recently came across this short article that really succinctly defines the real causes and effects of  psychosis and trauma.


What is defined as ‘schizophrenia’ and psychosis is typically a state of chronic fear and terror.


These individuals have been shattered by trauma. Within them, mental images of past events continue to haunt them. The inner voice (or conscience) which we all possess becomes amplified to a level where visual and auditory hallucinations become present.


Grandiose thoughts arise as an attempt to either stave off depression or to escape from the painful reality of a distressing situation and disordered world.


Anti-psychotics have been used to diminish the hallucinations and other distressing behaviours  but they have never addressed the reactions of the person and the underlying trauma and factors that have led them to seek a departure from defined reality.


Therefore, in collaborating with these individuals, we must meet them in their sense of reality. We must join in respectfully and in a dignified manner, slowly and gently addressing the various disturbances in thought process.


We must uncover the hidden traumas and seek to ‘be with’ the person as they develop new coping mechanisms. It is entirely possible for individuals even in the states of severe mental anguish and distress to recover. And it is indeed possible for this to be accomplished without the addition of toxic drugs.


The key is relationship. That is what these individuals are lacking and need. They need to know that there may be exist, if even but one, stable and loving relationship in a world so often filled with pain.


Karen Pritchard


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