RASA Merseyside Sunflower Project. Counselling and support for children experiencing sexual abuse or exploitation and also their families.



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RASA Support Children 


RASA is one of only a small number of specialist services in the UK that provides counselling, advocacy and emotional support to children who have experienced sexual abuse or exploitation, and their families.  We have a team of dedicated, experienced and passionate workers who will work alongside children and families to offer them a range of support.


How can children access this service?


You can self-refer to the Sunflowers Project at RASA by calling the Helpline on 0151 666 1392, or emailing referrals@rasamerseyside.org.


Children are also referred to RASA through health, and social services, and via the Police and schools.


How do RASA help?




RASA provide a dedicated worker who will work alongside your child to build trust and hope.


Sessions will be delivered and tailored to suit your child’s needs, using a variety of creative and expressive therapeutic interventions to enable your child to explore their emotions in a child friendly way.


Therapists will also work alongside your child to develop positive and healthy coping strategies.




  • Advocates will support your child through the criminal justice process, allowing them the time and space to explore their fears and anxieties. An advocate will offer a range of practical and emotional support.


  • RASA works in a multi-agency framework through liaising with other professionals to ensure that all your child and family’s needs are catered for.


Keep Safe’ work


Can be delivered on a one to one basis or as a group.

Will involve children exploring the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ secrets.

Will help children identify the main people in their support network.

Introduces children to safety planning.

Explores internet safety.


Therapeutic Group Work


Support groups take place at certain times of the year.

Groups are structured so that children can explore their emotions through creative activities.

Groups will focus on children’s wider health and well-being, such as relaxation techniques.

But most importantly, these groups will aim to highlight to children that they are not alone.


For Parents


Parents Protect works to raise awareness and encourages early intervention by all adults to work towards preventing child sexual abuse.


Children are safer when adults:


Understand the potential risks.

Recognise the signs of possible abuse in children.

Are aware of inappropriate behaviour in adults.

Know preventative measures to take.

Know where to go for help with any concerns.


Parents Protect can be delivered on a one to one basis, or to a group, and also to professionals.


For Professionals


RASA offers a range of specialist sexual abuse training that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.


We can also offer ‘keep safe’ group workshops to the children that you work with. This training aims to raise awareness through providing interactive workshops using games, props and fun to highlight the importance of staying safe.


For more information on training, please contact training@rasamerseyside.org.



Sunflowers grow towards the sun

Tall, proud, and strong

Bright and luminous for all to see

Happy and content

Just to be.

But at times the wind and rain may try to blow them down

Wilt their leaves, and make them frown

For they are fearful of what the weather may do

Blow away their petals

And try to break their stems too.

But the light of the sun, soon will come

Chasing away the power of the wind and rain

The memories of the dark and stormy days

Will ebb and flow

And slowly fade.

The gardener will nurture them through time and care

Food, water and lots of fresh air

The sunflowers will start to grow strong and tall again

Slowly forgetting the past

And moving on from their pain.

As people walk past, they will admire and say

“What strong beautiful flowers, to brighten my day!”


Our mission is to provide a safe space for children to explore their experiences, creating an environment in which they can re-build trust, grow strong, and blossom. Each and every child an inspiration.


RASA sunflowers 2

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