Constant search for happiness making everyone unhappy! Simply not being unhappy is a better way to think.

Constant search for happiness makes us unhappy!

Not being unhappy is a better way to think.


I’m getting really tired now of all this advice to be constantly HAPPY. It makes it feel like if you are sometimes feeling unhappy then you must be a failure instead of a normal human being.


For me my only goal ever is NOT  BEING UNHAPPY.  I’m OK is quite good enough.


Heres a few of my thoughts on this:


Happiness is a fleeting  and very special experience and may happen many times in a day if you are enjoying yourself. Or it may not happen at all but you can still feel contented and NOT UNHAPPY.


Im really bored of all these people pretending to be HAPPY all the time. Its totally unrealistic and annoying to say the least. We all have some mood swings. Thats the human condition. But some people make it their mission to be the HAPPY people and its just irritating and smug.


Everybody every day has difficulties and problems. I feel we are discouraged by the HAPPY people to even mention anything that is bothering us as it may bring them down for their constant unrealistically HAPPY state.


Happiness is simply a momentary byproduct of many other things such as contentment, fulfilling lifes goals, doing things you like, being around good friends and family and liking who you are. It is not a persistent state.


Happiness is not found through any other channels except yourself. So if you find some things make you happy and are not things other people would agree on then who cares? Sometimes digging holes makes me happy. Sometimes looking at the sky makes me happy.


Then on some days nothing seems to make me LOL happy but Im still NOT UNHAPPY so thats a result in my books.


People equate money with happiness. Thats certainly not true as money brings more problems than it can ever solve. How do you know who your real friends are for example? You enter a society of one up manship and top show. No thanks!


Expensive possessions  mean nothing without contentment and cant make you ‘happy’. Managing on a budget and buying bargains, reduced food and charity shop purchases actually brings me momentary HAPPINESS. As does time speaking to friends or family or looking at photos of happy times. Or just having a roof over my head and nobody giving me a hard time.


Optimism is good and I am certainly the eternal optimist. Only because I’ve has so many really bad experiences and know that things will and do pass and I wont be unhappy forever.


Unless you have been unhappy how can you know you are happy?


Next time someone says “My life is REALLY HAPPY” then have a little smile in your head and say to yourself  “That’s rubbish – nobody is HAPPY all the time.”


Check this spoof video out. Certainly made me very HAPPY….. for a little while 🙂


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