Spiritual Crisis Network. Offering the possibility of breakthrough rather than breakdown.


Spiritual Crisis Network.


Spiritual crisis is also known as spiritual emergency, where a process of spiritual emergence, or awakening, becomes unmanageable for the individual.


Psychological or mental health difficulties may be experienced: if understood and supported appropriately, these experiences can be deeply transformative, offering the possibility of breakthrough rather than breakdown.


Spiritual Crisis Network recognises that:


  • spiritual crisis and mental health difficulties often overlap
  • people need information and support in their local area when in crisis
  • the relationship between spirituality and mental health is complex


Psychosis and spiritual crisis are normally, in this culture, seen as poles apart but the Spiritual Crisis Network instead sees them as different labels for the same thing: “Spiritual crisis” usually entails battles with demons etc. “Psychosis” usually, or often, includes periods of great spiritual depth and realisation. 


Who decides which is which?  Why should one be elevated and the other dismissed?  Are there ways of providing safe passage through confusing and possibly, terrifying, experiences of unusual states of consciousness and responding to them in ways that are more affirmative of the person?


Visit their webpage for more information: www.spiritualcrisisnetwork.org.uk.






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