Momentum. Domestic Abuse Peer Support Initiative from Wirral Connect. Based in Involve Northwest’s Domestic Abuse Service.


Wirral Connect’s  newest project, Momentum, is the continuation of last years Domestic Abuse Peer Mentoring project. Now based within Involve Northwest’s Domestic Abuse Service, also known as Leapfrog, their newest member of staff, Nicola Fenton, will be overseeing any mentoring relationships within the project.


Momentum operate an outreach service from community locations across the Wirral (Wallasey, Birkenhead, West Wirral and South Wirral).


Working with a Peer Mentor enables people to establish a one-to-one, non-judgmental and trusted relationship with someone who themselves has experience of domestic abuse and recovery.


Our Peer Mentors are trained and understand how difficult it can be to open up and trust someone. They provide social and emotional support whilst sharing knowledge, information and introducing new community connections.


We aim to reduce the isolation felt by survivors of domestic abuse. We support survivors so they can take power back. We facilitate new support networks and introduce new relationships.


We provide a safe arena for people to (re)discover their confidence and self esteem.


We are here to listen. We are here to support you in reaching your own goals.



People can access the project if the following criteria are met:


  • Women and men aged 18 years or over, who have experienced some form of domestic abuse.
  • People must be out of the abusive relationship and the perpetrator must not be living with the family.
  • People must complete an assessment with a member of staff to discuss their situation.
  • We believe the most effective support is based on mutual commitment, a commitment to building a more positive future.
  • People can be referred by any agency, or can make a self-referral.


Want to find out more? Call 0151 647 5432 or email

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