‘Life After Bereavement’. Monthly group (every fourth Sunday of month) from Wirral Connect at Wirral Evolutions, Grove Road, Wallasey (NEW VENUE).


Life After Bereavement

Wirral Connect understand that losing a loved one is never easy. They also understand that not everybody deals with bereavement in the same way, which is why we have started our brand new Life After Bereavement support group.


The Life After Bereavement support group is aimed at any adult who has experienced bereavement. There are a lot of different support groups out there already, but we found that quite a big chunk of them are counselling groups. Our group isn’t. Life After Bereavement is a very social support group, where everybody has the opportunity to share their experience if they wish to, and can talk about their coping strategies and support each other through this very difficult experience.


The group will firstly consist of a support group in which people can talk about how their feeling, how bereavement has affected them and general peer support, but as the group progresses, there will be opportunities for days out and one-day experiences.


There is no set time limit, it will be an open group however we will encourage people to access social activities within the community as the group develops. The sessions will be held from 1 – 3pm but as an open venue there will be no problem in people staying longer.


There are no maximum number of sessions (open group), and there is no limit on how many times a person chooses to attend this support group.


At present the maximum number of attendees is 16 so we would ideally like people to come alone however they can bring a guest / family member.


Unfortunately, this group is only for people over the age of 18, but we hope to work with younger people in the future.


Karen Giner is our Group Facilitator, Karen has over 20 years’ experience within the voluntary sector and is currently the project coordinator for the Wirral Connect Carers Connections project.


Karen works a lot with former carers so works daily with bereavement and the impact of bereavement on families. Karen has facilitated a number Former carer support groups, completed specialist bereavement training through Cruse bereavement care and has wide experience in this area.


Karen will be supported by a trained volunteer in the group sessions.

The Life After Bereavement Support Group meets at Wirral Evolutions, Eastwood Room, The Grange, Grove Road Wallasey, CH45 OJA, every fourth Sunday of each month between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.


If you feel that attending this group would be beneficial to you, please call 0151 647 5432 or email karen@wirralconnect.org.uk




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