Wirral Credit Union. Savings facilities and access to low cost loans. Say NO to extortionate interest rates.

Wirral Credit Union


Wirral Credit Union has been providing savings accounts and low cost loans to its members since 1992. Originally set up to provide financial services to employees of the local authority, Wirral Credit Union has now expanded to provide its services to anyone living or working in a CH postcode area, so as well as Wirral, this includes Ellesmere Port & Neston, Chester and parts of North Wales.


As a member of Wirral Credit Union you are joining over 3000 people who already benefit from the savings and low cost loans services that we provide. Over £38million in loans has been granted to our members since our inception for a variety of purposes including, household repairs & improvements, goods, holidays, transport, family events, personal emergencies and bill payment.


What Is a Credit Union?


A Credit Union is a not for profit financial co-operative that exists to help its members manage their finances better by providing savings facilities and access to low cost loans.


Every member is a shareholder of the Credit Union and as such is entitled to an annual dividend on their savings where applicable.


The credit union is run by an elected board of directors that delegate day to day operations to the management team.


The Credit Union works by pooling the resources of all members savings and prudently allowing members to take a loan from this pool of money. As this loan is repaid any interest payments go back into the mutual pool and enable the Credit Union to lend to more members.


Members savings are secured by the prudent long term management laid down by the board of directors and protected by the financial services compensation scheme.


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