Welcome to Pathfinders. We are the friends that you have not yet met! Support and self-help groups for all.

Welcome to Pathfinders

We are the friends that you have not yet met!


Confidentiality, Trust, Support and Understanding


Wirral Pathfinders is a MENTAL HEALTH SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUP. We aim to support individuals to help themselves to learn to cope with their mental health difficulties. The Pathfinders support each other by providing a listening ear; decreasing isolation; sharing experiences and providing further information where possible. The Wirral Pathfinders motto of ‘We are the friends you have not yet met’ gives a hint to the friendly nature of the group and support available.


Pathfinders started me on a long road; to help and guide me; to feel I belong to something; to make me feel I am not alone. There are weeks I go [to Pathfinders] and feel my week has been horrendous, but someone can make me feel better with their comments.
Pathfinders DO CARE.


Together we are stronger
Atrwork created by a Pathfinders Member.

The Wirral Pathfinders Support Group was founded in 1992 BY people with mental health difficulties FOR people with mental health difficulties. The four founder members were in hospital together and, once discharged, found that there was no support for them within the community. They decided that they could help and support each other through their difficult times and share experiences. It decreased their isolation and their friendships blossomed.

Pathfinders has saved my life!

A Pathfinders Member.


If you would like to come along to a meeting please do not hesitate to telephone or email the address below. Your enquiry will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.


If you do decide to come to a meeting you will be met by a member who will have a chat to you and accompany you into the group so that you will not feel anxious.  You will be fully supported during meetings to help you to settle in.


Please remember we have all taken these first tentative steps into this group and for all of us it has been truly liberating to be amongst people who genuinely understand.


The people who attend our groups are all at different stages of recovery therefore there will always be somebody who understands exactly the way that your Mental Health problem is affecting you.


Office Hours Mon – Fri 10:30 – 15:30  Call Main Office on 0151 334 2111



Check out their website here and email from there: http://www.wirralpathfinders.com/

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