Brave New World? Sad or afraid? Sorry but the long-term drugs don’t work. They just make it worse.

Brave New World?

Sad or afraid? Sorry but the long-term drugs don’t work.

Imagine a world where all human emotions were deemed abnormal and sledge hammered by mind- damaging, brain-fuddling, dangerous drugs. Trillions of  pounds profit to be made by big  pharmaceutical companies and governments under the direction of a pseudo-scientific hierarchy with no medical proof.  No, we are not talking about Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and its dystopic view of the future with mind numbing Soma, but the Western world in the 21st Century.


The latest DSM V (the psychiatrist’s bible) has a myriad of extra ‘disorders’ from pathologising childhood to medicalising grief . Once diagnosed the only therapy prescribed is brain-damaging medication. No wonder people never get out of the system when they are given no hope of any sort of recovery.


For all of  us who have lost anyone, been physically, sexually or emotionally abused, bullied, faced with the horror of war or witnessed horrific events and suffered extreme distress  then you have probably already been diagnosed and medicated into the psychiatric system. Or self-medicating the hurt and pain with street drugs and/or alcohol. Even if you are sleepless and upset because of pressures of work you too can have a ‘disorder’. High-spirited children?  They too are being drugged into zombies.


And once committed into this regime it is the hardest place to ever get out of. Every emotion you now feel is classed as a ‘symptom’ and nobody will believe the atrocities you endure in ‘hospitals’ as you are deemed out of your mind and unreliable as a witness. Nobody will ever ask you what happened to you. They will just tell you you were born genetically abnormal and your”medical illness’ was inevitable.


The medicalisation of human distress must stop. The stigmatisation of people who have endured trauma and distress is unacceptable. The long term chemical coshing with drugs that don’t work is actually criminal. Human Rights violations need to be addressed now.


Normal emotional responses in bereavement that are now being classified as a ‘mental illness’. And how the drugs prescribed actually can cause suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Coming off them causes more problems than you ever originally had. Stuck in this psychiatric nightmare that will never end with current thinking from mental health trusts.






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